Royal Ramble Special Edition- Donovan Dijak “Feast Your Eyes”

Royal Ramble 7/28/17 “Like Father, Like Son”
July 29, 2017

Royal Ramble Special Edition- Donovan Dijak “Feast Your Eyes”
The Royal Ramble

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Feast your eyes on a special edition of the Royal Ramble Wrestling Podcast, as I was joined over the phone by Donovan Dijak for a fun interview.

We started the interview off talking about how Donovan started in the wrestling business & his past accolades in football.

We then moved ahead talking about his relationship with Brian Fury, his trainer, and how the transition from football to wrestling went for him.

We then jumped ahead talking about his run with Ring Of Honor. We discussed his run with The House of Truth, his experience working with both Jay Lethal & Truth Martini, & why he decided to leave the company.

Next, we discussed his run in the independents, including his upcoming shows like Progress & PWG BOLA, & his working relationship with both Keith Lee & Cody Rhodes.

Finally we cap off theĀ interview discussing what his future holds & I asked him who his dream opponents are. You’ll be amazed on who he chose.

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