Royal Ramble 7/6/17 “An American Dream”

Royal Ramble 6/22/17 “I’m Not Finished With You”
June 23, 2017
Royal Ramble 7/12/17 “Standing Your Ground”
July 12, 2017

Royal Ramble 7/6/17 “An American Dream”
The Royal Ramble

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We are back with a jam packed episode of the Royal Ramble.

We kick off the show giving our reactions to Cody Rhodes becoming ROH champion and his road of getting there. We followed that with a full recap of NJPWs G1 Special last weekend. Will this successful tour lead to more shows in the USA for New Japan?

We continued with more NJPW talk by looking ahead to the G1 Climax tournament, as well as an early sneak peak to BOLA 2017. Who are favorites walking in to each tournament?

We then moved on to a lot of WWE talk, including our usual recap of Raw, SD Live, & NXT.

Finally we concluded the show with our predictions for Great Balls Of Fire.

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