Royal Ramble 7/28/17 “Like Father, Like Son”

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July 12, 2017
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August 3, 2017

Royal Ramble 7/28/17 “Like Father, Like Son”
The Royal Ramble

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Been a while, but the Royal Ramble boys are back with a brand new episode, and there is so much to discuss.

We kick off the show recapping a disappointing Battleground PPV, breaking down all the matches. We followed that up with a first look at Summerslam. Which match looks the biggest so far and what could the rest of the card look like?

Moving along, we talked about the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle storyline. Was it too early to split up American Alpha & what can we expect from Jordan & Gable moving forward?

We then jumped into a lot of NXT talk, breaking down NXT Takeover Brooklyn & what the future of the brand could look like.

Finally, we conclude the show giving our early thoughts on the G1 Climax tournament. Who at this moment is the favorite to win the tournament?

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