Royal Ramble 4/6/17

Royal Ramble 3/23/17
March 23, 2017
Royal Ramble 4/13/17
April 13, 2017

Royal Ramble 4/6/17
The Royal Ramble

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The Royal Ramble is back on the air coming off a crazy WrestleMania week in Orlando.

We kick off the show sharing our experience in Orlando for WrestleMania, going over all the shows we went to and naming our standout performers for the weekend.

We then dive into what went down at both WrestleMania 33 and NXT Takeover: Orlando, breaking down every match.

We then discuss what went down on the Raw and Smackdown after Mania, giving our thoughts on the biggest debuts and returns, with some talk on the upcoming roster shakeup.

And we conclude the show with our predictions for NJPWs Sakura Genesis show this weekend.

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