Royal Ramble 4/13/17

Royal Ramble 4/6/17
April 8, 2017
Royal Ramble 4/21/17
April 21, 2017

Royal Ramble 4/13/17
The Royal Ramble

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A new era has begun in the WWE, and the Royal Ramble crew is here to break it all down.

We start the show off though with reaction to NJPWs Sakura Genesis show, breaking down all the big matches and results.

We then gave our thoughts on the recent “roster shakeup” in the WWE, discussing which moves were the best and the worst. We then followed that up with our weekly recap of Raw, SD Live, and NXT

We then capped the show off with our thoughts on the upcoming Women’s Classic, going through some of the names that could take part in the tournament.

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