Royal Ramble 3/2/17

Royal Ramble 2/23/17
February 23, 2017
Royal Ramble 3/9/17
March 9, 2017

Royal Ramble 3/2/17
The Royal Ramble

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First episode of March for the Royal Ramble, & its jam packed with news.

We kicked off the show with our reactions to Zack Sabre Jr becoming the new Evolve champion, along with our experience at NYWC wrestling.

We then dove into the NJPW/ROH Honor Rising shows, with thoughts on the future of Bullet Club & why they are not as big as they used to be. Followed that up with our reaction to the TNA departures.

Then, we recap Raw, SD Live, & NXT, going through the important segments for each show

Then, we talked some UFC with the big fight announced between Michael Bisping & Georges St. Pierre.

And finally, we gave our predictions for both UFC 209 & Fastlane.


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