Royal Ramble 3/16/17

Royal Ramble 3/9/17
March 9, 2017
Royal Ramble 3/23/17
March 23, 2017

Royal Ramble 3/16/17
The Royal Ramble

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Happy 3:16 day everyone as we had another jam packed episode of the Royal Ramble.

We started the show by giving our reactions to both the 15th Anniversary show for ROH and The 2017 New Japan Cup. We gave our thoughts on Chris Daniels’ title win and the upsets of the 1st round of the NJPW cup, including the shocker that was Omega’s loss. Was it a good idea or not?

We then moved on to give our weekly recap of Raw, SD Live, and NXT, going through all that went down on the shows.

We then dove into some UFC news, including the situation between Michael Bisping vs Georges St. Pierre in relations to the other Middleweight fighters.

And we concluded the show with our 2nd annual Wrestling March Madness bracket picks.

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