Getting the Skinny – Naturally!

Booking It with the Nissitissit Witch
November 3, 2015
Never A Dull Moment
November 3, 2015

Getting the Skinny – Naturally!
Serious Business...and not so serio...

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Tonight we talk to Susan, an Herbalist specializing in Herbs for Health. Multi-talented Susan is a registered Dietition, Nutritionist and gives a great massage to make those muscles just melt. Your questions answered on the many aspects of natural health benefits of herbs. And this evening Susan will be unveiling her newest venture tune in for the “real Skinny” on weight loss….. Do not make any changes in your regular med’s nor add alternative herbals without the knowledge of your family doctor. This show is for entertainment only.

Date: April 10th, 2009

Former host of Radio Bedroom, Powershow and The Night Show.

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