Booking it with Lanaia Lee

It Ain’t Little House on the Prairie Anymore!
November 3, 2015
Episode 1: The Maltese Falcon
December 15, 2015

Booking it with Lanaia Lee
Serious Business...and not so serio...

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What does the name Lanaia Lee say to me? Guts! Courage and Tenacity… Lanaia is not willing to let life roll over her without a fight. Find out how Lanaia coped with living with a grandmother who practiced the Black Arts, molestation, foster homes and a massive stroke while still in her 30s. Of Atlantis , a book rich in imagination and detail of a land we have all looked for , hoped for and wish to find… but is Atlantis all it’s cracked up to be? Lanaias Book will have you glued to your seat, cover to cover it’s a winner!

Former host of Radio Bedroom, Powershow and The Night Show.

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